Welcome to the “Consumer Corner.” This is intended to provide useful information to consumers about any problems they are having with consumer products of any kind. The first thing Kip wants to do is explain some of your rights and options if you have a complaint about your consumer product. Kip is a big believer in making your legitimate complaints known. That means calling the customer service department of the company you have an issue with and telling them about the problem. It also means going on the website of the company that made the bad product. Finally, you should consider filing a consumer complaint if you do not feel the customer service department has taken care of the problem.  The Consumer Corner will tell you how and where to assert your consumer product complaint.

It’s all about what happened when it comes to knowing how and where to submit or file your consumer complaint. Our system of consumer products regulation in America has different agencies that try to regulate certain industries. The four most common consumer complaints that Kip has dealt with in his thirty plus years of representing injured consumers in court are the following:

  1. Drugs and Medical Devices
  2. Consumer Products
  3. Environmental Polluters or Toxins
  4. Cars and Trucks

Clicking the links above will lead you to more information about how and where to file a complaint involving any of these four types of consumer product problems. Feel free to CONTACT KIP if you have questions or if you feel that none of the information provided here adequately helped you.