Kip Petroff Focuses on
Smith & Nephew Hip Implant Cases

Kip Petroff is now accepting Smith & Nephew hip implant cases.  Kip Petroff’s primary focus is on representing people who have suffered injury due to Smith & Nephew hip implants.

Kip started focusing his attention on Smith & Nephew in 2015, and has personally taken or attended over a dozen depositions of Smith & Nephew employees or contractors. He has obtained hundreds of thousands of Smith & Nephew documents, and has spent hundreds of hours preparing for trial against this company. He continues to work almost exclusively on Smith & Nephew cases today. Contact Kip to see if he can help you with your Smith & Nephew case.

Kip Petroff has spent more than thirty years representing people who have suffered serious injury or death from the use of dangerous drugs, medical devices and other products. Kip has experience with almost all kinds of personal injury cases but is selective about what kinds of cases he accepts and is dedicated to obtaining great results when he takes a case.

Representing people in only certain types of cases, Kip gives his clients and their cases the dedication and attention they deserve.

If you (or a loved one) would like Kip to try to help you with your Smith & Nephew hip implant case, please contact Kip today.

If you think you might have a legal claim due to your hip implant surgery using parts made by Smith & Nephew, please click here for the Smith & Nephew hip implant Questionnaire.